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Fleethand – is an innovative vehicle monitoring and control system that allows you to manage your fleet more efficiently and conveniently.

We currently employ 20 young and driven professionals who are constantly improving the Fleethand system and ensuring its uninterrupted operation. We are trusted by the largest transport companies in Lithuania and throughout Europe. We solve our customers’ problems and help them avoid billions in losses.

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To provide Fleethand services responsibly and professionally, and to be the most trusted partner for our clients seeking the best results.


To be the most professional and recognised and valued product in the transport sector throughout Europe.


To achieve comprehensive progress, to expand our activities and to continuously improve and develop the Fleethand product.

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What customers say about us

“We have been using „Fleethand“ since 2020 and the control of our fleet has become much more efficient. The main advantage of using „Fleethand“ is that it helps us to save costs by optimising routes, and it also increases security through real-time video and real-time monitoring of transport.

“Fleethand“ is an easy to use solution, it is flexible, intuitive and provides access to data in real time.” – Sergej Blinov, COO of „Integre Trans“ UAB.

“Because quality and reliability are important to us, we have been working with „Fleethand“ for a long time. The innovative vehicle monitoring and control system implemented by this company successfully solves Baltic Transline’s fleet problems related to drivers’ work and rest schedules, ensures fuel economy, optimal route planning and allows us to dispose of our ever-growing fleet much more efficiently.

“Fleethand“ has managed to meet our requirements, quality and deadlines perfectly, and we can recommend „Fleethand“ as a responsible, reliable partner that has lived up to our expectations.” – Donatas Nickus, Logistics Manager at „Baltic Transline“ UAB.

““Fleethand“ is a company that cares about its customers. They always provide a friendly and professional service and are ready to solve any problems that arise. Quality is always a priority here.” – Egidijus Švėgžda, Managing Director of „Nostrada“ UAB.

“Sometimes small companies (in this case „Fleethand“) can offer much quicker solutions than you would get from a large companies providing the same service. We are on our way with their innovative solutions!” – Saulius Kavaliauskas, General Manager of “Transporto Marisa“ UAB.

““Fleethand” is a user-friendly, reliable, informative platform that makes it easier for us to perform important tasks in our daily work.

The “Fleethand” team always delves into our needs, knows what is important and necessary for us. When working with this company, we feel important and can trust them because our requests and wishes are responded to flexibly. Every wish is fulfilled – nothing seems impossible when you work with them!

They are always available when you need help, and they solve problems quickly, simply and pleasantly.” – Vygantas Birbalas, „Lotos Baltica“ UAB.

“In 2018, we found a young team who were rapidly developing a new product, „Fleethand“. They had a really good tablet solution that we liked. With this solution, we also acquired fluent communication with the driver, accurate routing, document scanning and other solutions that we didn’t have before.

We were the practitioners, and they were the developers. „Hegelmann“ was very demanding, made a lot of requirements and today the „Fleethand“ program is perfect.

It is now used by many companies, who also benefit from it greatly.” – Tomas Jurgelevičius, Managing Director of „Hegelmann transporte“ UAB.

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