Fleethand is a solution for the digitization of transport and logistics

We are really grateful to announce that last week during the Transport innovation forum our product Fleethand was awarded as a solution providing most digital and sustainable ideas to transport and logistics.

We are thankful to Lietuvos geležinkeliai and Transporto inovacijų asociacija for a great initiative. And we promise to present a number of innovative ideas in the coming years to help the transport sector continue to change successfully.

Also we say a big and sincere THANK YOU to the entire Fleethand team, who help our product grow, improve and be the one that customers trust and the leaders are proud of.

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Big Data and Start-Up Solutions for Transport Help Save Millions and Stay Greener

Big data and start-up solutions for transport help save millions and be greener

“We use big data effectively to analyse whether an individual tractor or a company’s entire fleet is being used optimally by measuring how efficiently a driver uses the vehicle. Each driver can see what they are doing well and where they need to improve. This helps to reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions and optimise fleet utilisation. The right data helps to select, group and pack loads correctly, calculate arrival times and reduce delivery costs,” says Tomas Sergadejevas, the creator and CEO of the innovative Fleethand solution.

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The start of 2020 has brought new challenges to the business sector. It’s no secret that the main instigator of this has been the worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19. Despite this, 2020 was a breakthrough year for our company Programmatus UAB – we ended last year with a growth of more than 100%!

We count our results not only in terms of increased turnover or profit, but also in terms of increased number of clients and more vehicles tracked. The latter has grown to 15,000 and the customer basket to 300, even though we launched Fleethand only 3 years ago.

Our partners are Europe’s largest carriers, whose appreciation and trust in us ensures our strong market position.

Our success story is young, enthusiastic, customer- and result-oriented professionals whose goal is to develop a unique and modern product that helps transport companies to work more efficiently and economically.

Our aim is not to sell a standard product, we come to listen to our clients’ problems and offer the most suitable solutions.