Electronic Documents

Help preserve the environment, save your employees’ time and your company’s costs by using electronic documents in Fleethand!

The use of electronic documents helps to avoid many problems: no need to deliver paper documents to the office, no need to read drivers’ unclear handwriting, no need to ask for additional photos of vehicle damage, no need to ask for certain information that drivers have not filled in on paper documents. The accounting department does not need to rewrite the received data to completely different platforms. All e-documents are received in the formats suitable for the accounting department and the information is easily accessible to employees and stored in the archive.

Travel / Expense Sheets

This is a travel accounting solution. The driver fills in an electronic spreadsheet on his / her tablet and sends everything to the accounting department with a single click. A GPS tracking unit installed in the vehicle registers all routes, the exact location of the vehicle, the time, odometer mileage, fuel remaining, actual fuel consumption and other important data, which is automatically filled in the spreadsheet and the driver does not need to do any additional data collection and fill in the whole empty spreadsheet.

Acceptance – Transfer Forms

This is a solution for acceptance – transfer forms of the vehicle to another driver. Drivers fill in an electronic acceptance-transfer form, provide photos of the vehicle’s defects/damages and sign it on their tablet. Drivers are not allowed to skip fields when filling in the form on the tablet and, if there are any damage noted, they must also take a photo of the damage (if the damage has been corrected, this can also be noted on the form).