Breathalyser with Facial Recognition

The unique SoberNet system detects the alcohol level of employees by blowing into the breathalyser at remote workstations. The test is carried out in a few moments, unattended from outside.

– SoberNet has a robust facial recognition algorithm and the entire mouth area is captured on the smartphone screen. Any attempts to use other persons or instruments are recorded and the test is then invalidated and the responsible persons are notified.

– The breathalyser generates a unique sequence of light pulses each time. It is recognised by a mobile app installed on the smartphone. This makes it difficult to tamper with the test using another device.

– All attempts to tamper or repeat the sample are recorded and reported to the administration – there is no way for the employee to cheat the system.

– SoberNet is a reliable zero tolerance system. If even the slightest amount of alcohol is detected in the exhaled air, a notification is sent to the administrator. If SoberNet is installed in conjunction with a telemetric vehicle monitoring and control system, the engine of the vehicle being driven can be blocked.

– Sampling can be carried out several times a day, so you can be sure that employees are always sober.

Alcoblock – you can only start your vehicle after a test. If alcohol is detected, the system will not allow you to start the engine and will immediately inform the persons responsible.

Alco-block with telemetry system – monitor everything in one place. SoberNet® is easily integrated into the telemetry system for your convenience. Ignition interlock and random tests to ensure driver sobriety. Driver identification is also based on the tachograph card.