Integrated Order Management

“Fleethand” Integrated Order Management solution brings together all the key elements of the logistics process, from order receipt and entry, through order planning and execution, to invoicing and dispatch to the customer. This enables managers to have a complete analysis of their company’s efficiency and profitability, all in one integrated transport management system.

Highlights of “Fleethand’s” order management module:

  • Real-time monitoring of profitability reports and rapid decision-making
  • Automatic invoice generation and delivery to the customer
  • Automatic import of invoice into accounting systems

Order management solution

This “Fleethand” module integrates the entire transport process into one coherent whole and is particularly useful for small transport companies that do not yet have external order management systems.

Order management
Order management

The idea is that the order is fed into “Fleethand”, where it is automatically assigned to a specific vehicle. A task with optimal routes is automatically created, and the manager only needs to review and send these routes to the driver. Once the driver has completed the transport task and submitted all the electronic transport documents, the system automatically issues an invoice and sends it to the customer. It is also very easy and quick to see the profitability of the transport, as all transport costs are included in the order.

Importing invoices
Importing invoices

With “Fleethand”, you can issue, send and manage invoices through integrations in accounting systems. “Fleethand” has integrations with Rivilė, Agnum, Pragma and Finvalda accounting software for simpler and more efficient fleet management. Our integrations will allow you to automatically send and receive your fleet data from external systems and transfer it to one place in your “Fleethand” system.

Financial statements
Financial statements

“Fleethand” reports help you monitor the profitability of your orders in real-time. The solution allows you to generate order reports at various levels, such as customer, manager, truck, etc. So, it is very easy, once you have selected a particular customer, to see that all the orders from that customer are loss-making. And to make quick decisions that make your business more profitable. You can also transfer all your order data into Power BI, where you can monitor your company’s performance in greater detail and view information at different levels.

Use “Fleethand” data to make decisions to optimise your business and assess the performance of your managers.

Automatic invoice generation
Automatic invoice generation

Once the driver has unloaded the last load of the order and uploaded all the electronic load documents to the “Fleethand” platform, the system can automatically generate an invoice based on your desired company invoice template. The necessary documents are attached to the invoice which is automatically sent to the invoice email address specified by the customer. You will also be able to manage the status of your invoices to ensure a steady flow of income, monitor pending payments and set automatic reminders for payments or late payments.

You can easily manage CMRs and other load documents, automatically attach them to the order and send them to the customer together with the generated invoice.




Customer feedback

We have been using “Fleethand” since 2020 and our fleet control has become much more efficient. The main advantage of using “Fleethand” is that it helps us save costs by optimising routes, and it also increases safety by monitoring video and transport in real-time. “Fleethand” is an easy-to-use solution that is flexible, intuitive and provides real-time data access.

Sergejus Blinovas COO of “Integre Trans”

Quality and reliability are important to us, so we have a long-standing relationship with our partner “Fleethand”. The company’s innovative vehicle tracking and management system successfully solves “Baltic Transline’s” fleet problems in relation to drivers’ work and rest schedules, ensures fuel economy, optimal route planning and allows us to manage our ever-growing fleet more efficiently.
“Fleethand” has been an excellent partner when it comes to meeting our requirements, quality and deadlines and living up to our expectations, and we can recommend “Fleethand” for their responsibility and reliability.

Donatas Nickus Head of Logistics in “Baltic Transline”

“Fleethand” is a company that cares about its customers. They always provide a friendly and professional service and are on hand to resolve any problems that arise. Quality is always present.

Egidijus Švėgžda CEO of “Nostrada”

Sometimes small companies (“Fleethand” in this case) can offer much faster solutions than you would receive from a larger company providing the same service. Innovative solutions are definitely the way to go!

Saulius Kavaliauskas CEO of “Transporto Marisa”

“Fleethand” is a convenient, reliable, informative platform that helps us complete important tasks in our daily work. The “Fleethand” team is always attentive to our needs and knows what is important and essential for us. Working with this company makes us feel important and we can trust them to respond flexibly to our wishes and requests. Every one of our wishes has come true and nothing seems impossible when working with them! They are always available for help when you need it, with quick, simple, and friendly solutions.

Vygantas Birbalas COO of “Lotos Baltica”

In 2018, we discovered a young team who were rapidly developing a new product, i.e., “Fleethand”.
They had a good tablet solution that we appreciated. With this solution, we have seamless communication with the driver, accurate routing, document scanning and other solutions we didn’t have before. We were the practitioners, they were the developers. “Hegelmann” was very demanding, which made the “Fleethand” application perfect. It is now used by many companies, who are also benefiting in a big way.

Tomas Jurgelevičius General Manager in “Hegelmann transport group”


How are we better than other suppliers of transport tracking systems?

We create a separate login for each user, which allows you to configure the application according to your needs. We are flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs, so we can adapt the “Fleethand” system to the specifics of the customer’s work. We also do integrations with other applications, which saves the customer’s labor costs, as information is received and sent automatically and managed in one “Fleethand” system.

How can the “ECO” module help reduce fuel consumption?

The “Fleethand” solution analyses data from all journeys and determines whether a vehicle is compliant with “ECO” driving behaviour, providing the information needed to reduce fleet fuel consumption and operating costs. Detailed journey information reveals each driver’s fuel consumption, driving style, and safety level, contributing to fuel savings and car efficiency.

What is the process of setting up a “Fleethand” system?

With our straightforward installation process, the “Fleethand” system can receive data from the tracking units of two manufacturers (“Teltonika”, and “Ruptela”), enabling us to upload the company’s trucks into the system and prepare them for use. The next step is a visit to the company by our manager, who provides training on how to use “Fleethand” solutions. Over the next month, a chat window is created for a month, so the company manager can ask questions and consult with the “Fleethand” representatives assigned to the company.

What GPS equipment is fitted to trucks and how much does it cost?

In many cases, trucks are fitted with a “Teltonika” or “Ruptela” tracking unit – if you have equipment from these manufacturers, you do not need to replace it. If you do need to replace your equipment, we can offer you some of the best prices on the market, thanks to our long-standing partnerships with equipment suppliers.

Why is it important to have unique employee logins to the “Fleethand” system and what are the benefits?

Unique employee logins allow each employee to configure the application according to their requirements, so they only need to subscribe to the notifications that are relevant to them. Separate access types also limit the availability of data and facilitate control.

How are the driver and truck tachograph files scanned?

When the company card is connected to the scanner, the driver’s and the truck’s tachograph files are scanned automatically. The driver’s tachograph files are scanned daily and the truck’s files are scanned every 28 days. These files are then transmitted by the “Fleethand” system in tabular format and can also be transferred to other systems via integrations. This function provides you with the details of both the driver card and the vehicle. The system not only downloads the files but also generates the driver’s timesheet.

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