Exciting News from FLEETHAND

Exciting News from FLEETHAND! At FLEETHAND, we are thrilled to kick off the new year with a burst of innovation and enhancements to our platform. Our commitment to providing top-notch fleet management solutions remains steadfast, and we are delighted to introduce the latest additions that will elevate your experience and streamline your operations.

New features:

  • Bulk Inventory Addition: Add inventory items to a group of vehicles simultaneously.
  • Itmatic/Logis TMS Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Itmatic/Logis TMS system.
  • POIs for Completed Tasks: Enable Points of Interest on tasks that have been completed.


  • Route Calculation in Mobile App: Enhanced route calculation from truck locations in the mobile manager application.
  • Driver Task Status Update: Improved driver task status to allow reverting to previous states.
  • Planned Distance Tooltip in Tasks: Added tooltips showing planned distance for each country in tasks.
  • UI Feature for Data Transmission: Implemented a UI feature to detect when tablets stop sending data.