“Fleethand” at the Transport Innovation Forum

The pandemic year of 2020 – the year of the „Fleethand“ breakthrough

The 2020 pandemic period marks “Fleethand’s” breakthrough year! The start of 2020 has brought new challenges to the business sector. It’s not a secret that the main instigator of this has been the worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19. Nevertheless, it has been a breakthrough year for our company, “Fleethand” , as we ended last year with a growth of more than 100%!

We count our results not only in terms of increased revenues or profit but also in terms of the increased number of customers and more vehicles being tracked. The number of vehicles has grown to 15,000 and the customers’ number to 300, even though we launched “Fleethand” only 3 years ago.

Our partners are Europe’s largest transport operators, whose appreciation and trust in us ensures our strong market position.

Our success story is young, enthusiastic, customer- and result-oriented professionals whose goal is to develop a unique and modern product that helps transport companies to work more efficiently and economically.

Our aim is not to sell a standard product, we come to listen to our customers’ problems and offer the most suitable solutions. We provide efficient solutions for telematics, management, security, and order management. We solve customer problems, deliver on-time solutions to the market, help optimize processes and improve efficiency by up to 30%, which reduces costs for companies.