Fleethand Integrated Order Management Solution: Streamline Your Operations

We’re excited to tell you more about Fleethand Integrated Order Management Solution, the comprehensive tool designed to streamline your operations and drive efficiency in managing your fleet’s orders. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Fleethand offers a range of features to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Order Management: Fleethand provides a centralized platform to manage all your orders efficiently, from creation to fulfillment. The order is fed into the Fleethand system, where it is automatically assigned to a specific vehicle. A task with optimal routes is automatically created, and the manager only needs to review and send these routes to the driver.
  • Invoices import: With Fleethand, you can automatically issue, send, and manage invoices through integrations in accounting systems. Fleethand has integrations with Rivilė, Agnum, Pragma, and Finvalda accounting software.
  • Financial statements: Fleethand reports help you monitor the profitability of your orders in real time. The solution allows you to generate order reports at various levels, such as customer, manager, truck, etc. You can also transfer all your order data into Power BI, where you can monitor your company’s performance in greater detail.
  • Automatic invoice generation: Once the driver has unloaded the last load of the order and uploaded all the electronic load documents to the Fleethand platform, the system can automatically generate an invoice based on your desired company invoice template. The necessary documents are attached to the invoice which is automatically sent to the specified invoice email address.

Ready to experience the benefits of Fleethand Integrated Order Management Solution? Contact our team: sales@fleethand.com