“Fleethand” – the new telematics supplier of “Girteka Group”

“Fleethand” – the new telematics supplier of “Girteka Group”. “Girteka Group”, which operates the largest fleet in Europe, has chosen “Programmatus”, a Lithuanian company that develops the “Fleethand” product, as its telematics service provider.

The telematics systems will be replaced on all “Girteka Group’s” more than 9,200 trucks. The new partnership is expected to accelerate the company’s digitalisation process, help protect the environment and improve working conditions for the team.

“The replacement of telematics systems is one of the important steps in the digitisation of “Girteka Group’s” operations. We expect “Fleethand” to be a reliable partner that can quickly adapt to change and innovate. We want the new telematics solution to be convenient for drivers, to preserve all the functions “Girteka Group” has developed so far, and to provide access to AI-generated routes,” said Mindaugas Paulauskas, CEO of “Girteka Transport”.

“Fleethand” and “Girteka Group” have entered into a three-year cooperation agreement. Over the next 12 months, the telematics equipment on the Group’s more than 9,200 trucks will be replaced. The tablets used by the company’s employees will also be replaced with new ones.

“We see a lot of opportunities in our cooperation with “Girteka Group”. Not only will we be providing telematics solutions to a leading logistics company, but we will also be able to adapt our system to the dynamic business environment of the “Girteka Group”, which is currently being rapidly digitised. This partnership also opens the opportunity to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence in the logistics sector,” said Tomas Sergadejevas, CEO of “Fleethand”.

“Telematics solutions are used extensively at “Girteka Group”: for data collection and optimisation, automation, communication, green driving, and other processes. We want to bring all the data we collect into one centralised, employee-friendly system. The new device for drivers will not only be more flexible and reliable but also more user-friendly and portable, which was one of the main expectations of drivers. For these and many other reasons, we decided to look for a new supplier and after 14 months of intensive search and testing, “Fleethand” turned out to be the most suitable product for us,” summarised Dainius Augutis, Head of Transport Functions Support, “Girteka Transport”.

“Fleethand” is the most advanced vehicle tracking and management system available, enabling companies to manage their fleet more efficiently and sustainably. “Fleethand” offers premium AI-based solutions such as modern telematics, efficient fleet management, integrated order management, and advanced security systems. These solutions help customers automate their fleet operations, achieve up to 30% more efficiency, and significantly reduce their costs. “Fleethand’s” professional and responsible approach to the customer has made it a leading vehicle management company that aims to continue to develop advanced systems and reform the logistics sector.