Fleethand fuel control

Fuel Control by Fleethand: Transforming Fleet Efficiency!

In the ever-evolving landscape of efficient fleet management, we are thrilled to unveil our innovation- Fleethand Fuel Control!

Our cutting-edge technology is poised to redefine how you navigate your fleet’s fuel consumption, delivering substantial improvements in efficiency, productivity, and operational cost reduction.

Benefits of Fuel Control:

Real-Time Fuel Monitoring: A clear view of each vehicle’s fuel balance and refueling locations on a map, thanks to high-quality fuel level sensors. Also, get notified about refueling and defueling. With real-time monitoring, you can easily plan refueling stops.

Detailed Fuel Consumption Analysis: Monitor fuel consumption at different time intervals and visualize fuel level changes through informative graphs. Optimise it using our powerful “ECO” functionality.

Customized Petrol Stations: We tailor a database of relevant petrol stations for each customer, simplifying route planning for your managers. This feature enhances efficiency, saving both time and resources.

Why Fleethand?

Fleethand stands out with a track record of proven results, delivering substantial fuel savings and operational efficiency. Trusted by industry leaders, Fleethand Telematics is the go-to choice for effective fuel consumption management. Our solution doesn’t just monitor, it offers comprehensive consumption statistics, empowering data-driven decisions for cost reduction.

With Fleethand, efficiency is not just a goal, it’s our proven commitment to optimizing every aspect of your fleet management.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact our dedicated team at sales@fleethand.com. Let’s fuel your success together!