Transport Innovation Forum

Navigating the Future at the Transport Innovation Forum!

Navigating the Future at the Transport Innovation Forum! We’re thrilled to share that “Fleethand” CEO Tomas Sergadejevas took center stage at the Transport Innovation Forum and delivered a compelling presentation on the pivotal role of process digitization in enhancing sustainability: Effective Solutions and Best Practices.

In his presentation, he explored the powerful intersection of technology and sustainability, focusing on the role of digitization in steering the transport industry toward a greener future.
At “Fleethand”, we delved into effective solutions and best practices that can reshape the way we navigate and operate in the world of transportation. From optimizing logistics to embracing eco-friendly practices, every digital step forward is a stride toward a more sustainable tomorrow.
Let’s keep driving innovation, fostering sustainability, reducing CO2, and steering the course of transportation toward a brighter, more efficient future. Your journey to sustainability starts with us at “Fleethand”.