Accelerating Operations with Electronic Documents 

Accelerating Operations with Electronic Documents. At Fleethand, we embrace electronic documents, and we are eager to share how your business can reap its benefits. The transfer of electronic documents between managers and drivers is a significant leap towards the digitization of company processes. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to collective efforts for a sustainable future. 

Electronic Document Transfer Tool: Facilitates the swift exchange of documents between drivers and managers, streamlining communication and operations. Drivers can effortlessly scan and transmit documents in real-time using the camera on their mobile devices. The custom-designed scanner recognizes edges and crops photos automatically, identifies text, and straightens it for optimal use and archiving.

Effortless Uploads for Managers: Managers have the flexibility to upload various electronic documents, such as insurance policies, driver posting declarations, or general instructions directly to the Fleethand system. These documents can be uploaded at any time, offering unparalleled convenience, especially for last-minute updates, or even if drivers forgot to file them before a trip.

Benefits of Electronic Document Transfer:

  • Speed and Accessibility: Real-time document transfer accelerates communication between drivers and managers, promoting swift decision-making and task execution.
  • Cost Savings: The elimination of printing and manual filing results in significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: An Electronic document system ensures advanced security with access controls, safeguarding sensitive information.