TransLogistica Poland

Breaking Boundaries Together at TransLogistica Poland!

Breaking Boundaries Together at TransLogistica Poland! “Fleethand” is delighted to extend its gratitude to our esteemed partners, “Michael Bauer International GmbH” and “HERE Technologies”, for their unwavering support and collaboration.

Together, we are propelling “Fleethand” into an era of innovation, redefining navigation experiences for our clients across the globe.

A Leap Forward in Revolutionizing Navigation

With the invaluable backing of “Michael Bauer International GmbH” and “HERE Technologies”, “Fleethand” is breaking boundaries together at TransLogistica Poland and taking a monumental step forward in revolutionizing navigation services for our valued clients. Partners’ support has enabled us to showcase cutting-edge solutions based on “HERE Maps” at the prestigious TransLogistica Poland event.

Transformative Location-Based Services Unveiled

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey, empowering us to offer innovative, location-based services that will reshape how our clients interact with “Fleethand” solutions. At TransLogistica Poland, attendees will see the transformative potential of our offerings, all made possible through this strategic partnership.

A Bright Future in Technology

We express our deepest gratitude to “Michael Bauer International GmbH” and “HERE Technologies” for their steadfast support and unwavering partnership. Together, we are pioneering advancements in the realm of technology. The future shines brightly as we continue this collaborative journey, driving innovation and setting new standards in the industry.