„Fleethand“ – the solution for digitization in transport and logistics

We are delighted that our product „Fleethand“ was selected as the solution with the most digital and sustainable ideas for the transport and logistics sector at last week’s Transport Innovation Forum. We thank Lithuanian Railways and the Transport Innovation Association for this excellent initiative and promise to deliver many more innovative ideas in the coming […]

Big data and start-up solutions for transport help save millions and be more sustainable

“We use big data effectively to analyse whether an individual truck and the entire fleet are being used optimally, measuring how efficiently the driver is using the vehicle. Each driver can see what they are doing well and where they need to improve. This helps to reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and optimise fleet […]

The pandemic year of 2020 – the year of the „FLEETHAND“ breakthrough

The 2020 pandemic period marks „Fleethand’s“ breakthrough year! The start of 2020 has brought new challenges to the business sector. It’s not a secret that the main instigator of this has been the worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19. Nevertheless, it has been a breakthrough year for our company, Fleethand, as we ended last year with […]

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